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How To Use Your Debit Card For Signature Transactions


With the Contra Costa Federal Credit Union ATM/Debit Card you can enjoy the convenience of using a MasterCard credit card, but, like writing checks, the money is automatically withdrawn from your account. There is no interest to pay when using the ATM/Debit Card since the amount of the transaction is automatically deducted.


Most merchants accept the MasterCard debit card. Present the card to the merchant at the time of purchase. You may need to specify this as a "credit" transaction. The merchant will "run the card through" for credit approval to assure funds are available. The transaction is viewed as a credit transaction. Other times you may have to "swipe" the card yourself and choose "credit" on the card machine. Verify the amount and in both instances you may be asked to sign for authorization.

Merchant Transactions:

Give the card to the merchant and specify a credit transaction.

The merchant will swipe the card and wait for approval.

You may then be asked to sign the authorization receipt.

Self Service Card Readers:

"Swipe" the card through the reader as shown on the machine. (Machines differ in how they read the magnetic stripe on the back of the card)

You may need to select the transaction as "Credit" and machines differ on technology. Card Readers may have standard push button selections with a digital read-out or selections and read-outs will be digital and choices may be selected with an electronic pen.

After the aprroval process you may be asked to sign the authorization receipt or sign electronically on the screen using the electronic pen.

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