At Contra Costa Federal Credit Union, there are several choices when it comes to which category of membership/ownership you would like to belong to. We provide a wide range of options and choices for all circumstances.

  • Primary (Single) Membership:
    For sole member use only. No one else has access to your funds. In the event of death, funds are released to your designated beneficiary or estate.
  • Joint Membership:
    Two or more persons have access to the funds (one of whom must be a Primary Member). Joint member/owner can purchase and withdraw shares but cannot vote, obtain loans or hold office at Contra Costa Federal Credit Union unless she/he is also a qualified member. In the event of death, surviving joint member/owner shall own all remaining shares.
  • Family Membership:
    Family members of Contra Costa Federal Credit Union members are encouraged to join the credit union. We invite them to be part of the credit union financial family. Family members are entitled to full membership/ownership privileges and benefits.
  • Retirement Membership:
    We encourage you to retain full membership/ownership privileges upon your retirement. If you were eligible for membership to the credit union before but did not join then, you are still eligible to become a member upon your retirement from your employment that provided the eligiblity in the first place; you spouse and family members also.

Remember - once a member, always a member!. Even if you retire, move away or leave your present place of employment, you are still entitled to retain your full membership privileges and benefits. The only requirement is that you maintain at least $5.00 in shares in the Share Account.

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