Contra Costa Federa Credit Union is governed as a representative democracy. From the ranks of the credit union membership, volunteers serve as Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members. The volunteer board members are elected into their respective offices by the entire class of the credit union membership either in person or by proxy. The volunteer representative structure is the hallmark and cornerstone of the credit union philosophy. This philosophy further sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions.

  • Annual Meeting of Membership is held each year, at which time credit union members elect the Board of Directors. Regardless of the number of shares one holds, all vote eligible members are entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting. All elected and appointed officials serve without pay and contribute many hours in oversight of the credit union.
  • The Board of Directors is made up of five (5) fellow credit union members who have the ultimate responsibility of policy-making for the credit union. The board meets at least once a month to review, and analyze the operations, policies and provides oversight of the general principles of which Contra Costa Federal Credit Union operates under. The board is elected for a term of two (2) years. The board hires the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to carry out the credit union's rules, policies, procedures and manage the credit union's staff.
  • The Supervisory Committee is made up of five (5) fellow credit union members appointed by the Board of Directors. The function of the committee is to conduct audits of the credit union's financial records at least once a year. The committee may also periodically appraise the policies, procedures and operations of the credit union, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any improvements or change.

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