Savings (Share Accounts)

At Contra Costa Federal Credit Union, we make it easy for you to save. Our most popular service is the "Automatic Payroll Deduction©" plan. And our "Direct Deposit" service makes possible for your payroll checks or recurring government payments to be deposited quickly and safely via electronically into the accounts you specify.

Contra Costa FCU also offers:

  • Regular Share Accounts (Passbook Savings)
  • Share Certificate Accounts (Higher than average yields on a term basis)
  • Special Share Accounts (Christmas Club, etc.)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts IRAs (Tax sheltered and tax deferred)
  • Checking Accounts (Checking and ATM convenience / dividends paid on your leftover dollars)
  • ATM Cash Card (Up to $200 daily cash withdraw limit plus use for gas, groceries and anywhere pinpad transaction is accepted)
  • Mastermoney® Debit Card (Accepted everywhere MasterCard® is welcomed / money is withdrawn directly from your checking account)


We understand that when money is needed, you want it in a instant. We do our best to provide quick answers and approvals often. Lending professionals are available to take loan applications over the phone 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. To apply, credit union members can call (888) 387-8632 Extension 850 any time day or night. We provide online application process for most loan products such as credit card requests and auto loans.

The funds loaned come from the savings of fellow credit union members, so we consider the following criteria for creditworthiness of the borrower:

  • Regular, stable income and the likelhood of being continually employed
  • Employment and credit history
  • Credit score reported by Experian credit reporting agency
  • Current debts, expenses and asset
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Accuracy of the information you provide
  • Savings history with the credit union

Only members of Contra Costa Federal Credit Union can apply for loans from the credit union. Our loan rates are generally much lower than those offered by other lenders and we impose NO hidden charges, NO points or NO fees for our services, and NO prepayment penalties. The simpliest and easiest way to repay a loan to Contra Costa FCU is through our convenient Automatic Payroll Deduction© service.

Contra Costa FCU's other products and services:

  • VISA® (No annual fee and fixed interest rate)
  • Triple C© Line of Credit with Overdraft Protection (Up to $20,000 credit limit)
  • Signature loans (Unsecured; up to $10,000 based on your signature and good credit)
  • Share Secured loans (Preferred rate by using your savings which continue to earn dividends as collateral)
  • Auto loans (cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc. - NEW, USED or Refiance)
  • Consumer loans (Full range of loans)
  • Retirement buybacks (Up to $15,000)

Contra Costa FCU also operates a full-service Home Mortgage Loan Department. Experienced loan officers will guide you through the many choices we offer - for first and second mortgages, conforming and jumbos, home improvement loans, refinances, and credit lines based on your equity.

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