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Information about all your accounts is at your fingertips. No matter what the hour or day, no matter where you are with just a Touch-Tone phone and secret PIN (Personal Identification Number).

If you haven't already signed up for AccessLine and received your PIN code, call, stop by, or e-mail us today and discover for yourself the ease of using this service.

Please note: The e-mail above is not a secure e-mail account. Please do not send personal information, such as your account number, social security number, or other pertinent information.

You can view a list of service codes here or download a printable list of codes here. You can use AccessLine to quickly and easily:

  • transfer money between your accounts
  • get loan and savings interest information
  • make balance inquiries on your accounts
  • order savings or checking withdrawls to be sent to your address of record
  • make loan payments
  • request loan advances from your TRIPLE C or Home Equity Credit Lines
  • verify your loan balances and available credit
  • inquire about checks that have cleared your account or debit card transactions
  • Re-order share draft checks

Our computer puts you in direct contact with your accounts and guides you through each session. You respond to each command with the pushbuttons on a Touch-Tone phone. You have complete control and can work at your own pace.

To protect your privacy access to your accounts is controlled by your secret PIN, a four digit Personal Identification Number which only you know because you select it yourself. No one else can get information about, or transact business with, your accounts without this PIN.

USING AccessLine:

  • Call (888) 387-8632, ext. #3 from any Touch-Tone telephone.
  • Following the prompts, enter your Member Account Number, your personal identification number (PIN), then press the pound key (#).
  • Next enter a service code (you can view a list of service codes here or download a printable list of codes here) and your Account Suffix or Loan ID Number.
  • Press the pound key (#) after every entry.
  • DO NOT ENTER the decimal point when entering a dollar and cents amount. For example, $225.25 would be entered 22525#.
  • Withdrawal check requests are mailed out the next business day.
  • Be sure to record all transactions to compare with your statement


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