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Regular Savings Account

No matter what your reason for saving, CCFCU can help you find the high-yield account that best fits your needs.

The minimum requirement for credit union membership is to open and maintain a Share Savings Account at CCFCU with a balance of at least $5.00. This account is ideal for regular deposits to build your nest egg. You will be surprised how fast your savings will grow with even a small deposit made regularly. The dividends on Share Savings are very competitive, and declared quarterly by the CCFCU Board of Directors based upon the credit union's earnings. Dividends are calculated daily, paid and compounded quarterly. Dividends are earned on the whole balance each day, providing you maintain the minimum balance of $5.00 or more.

Members can make deposits into Share Savings through any CO-OP or Bank of the West ATM, by mail, Direct Deposit of your net check or a payroll deduction plan. Withdrawals can be made at our offices or any ATM displaying the CO-OP Network, STAR or PLUS symbols, by mail, @ccessOnline, our online banking service or telephone when using our AccessLine, our 24-hour telephone system.

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What Are Categories of Membership/Ownership?

Primary (Sole) Membership/Ownership

For sole member use only. No one else has access to your funds. In the event of death, funds are released to your designated beneficiary or estate.

Joint Membership/Ownership

Two or more persons have access to the funds (one of whom must be a Primary Member). Joint member/owner can purchase and withdraw shares but cannot vote, obtain loans or hold office at Contra Costa Federal Credit Union unless she/he is also a qualified member. In the event of death, surviving joint member/owner shall own all remaining shares.

Beneficiary Accounts Membership/Ownership

If you would like to establish a savings account in the name of a beneficiary, Contra Costa Federal Credit Union offers two account options:

  • Trustee Account - A Trustee account can be opened to put money aside for a beneficiary. The primary member is the owner of this account and is known as the trustee. The trustee must qualify for membership to open the account. The account is revocable which means the funds can be withdrawn by the trustee without penalty.
  • Transfer to Minors - Transfer to Minors account is similar to a Trust Account in that it sets money aside for a beneficiary; however, it is irrevocable. This means the funds are considered a permanent gift to the minor and cannot be used for any other purpose. A Transfer to Minor account often set up to accommodate funds being transferred to the minor from a trust, estate, or guardianship. Once the minor reaches age 18, the funds are transferred to their ownership.

    Both the Trustee account and Transfer to Minors account can be opened with a deposit of minimum of $5.00.

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